Friday, August 29, 2014

Kitale and Majengo KENYA

In 1983 Community builders visited Kenya for the first time and began to learn about the talents and skills of people living extreme poverty. These early lessons led to the creation of the Pay it Forward plan.  Bowers Lihanda, a pastor living in the remote village of Majengo, Kenya, received one of the first PiF grants to start a dairy and poultry farm. Over the years, Bowers and his wife Gladys have maintained this project which has brought sustainability to their family. It has also allowed them to Pay Forward to new participants and creating employment opportunities to others.

These two pictures show the dairy and poultry farming in Majengo village.

Last year,  a second generation of Pay Forward efforts in the Lihanda family was planted. Iris Lihanda received funds to start a home based bakery in Kitale, enabling her to continue the work of supporting people in extreme poverty.

Iris showing off some of her baked cakes and scones.

Despite some initial difficulties with her business, Iris is currently working on building a structure for the bakery in Biribiriet village. Pictured below are men beginning the construction of the bakery.

Currently, Iris has registered Biribiriet Community Builders Organisation which aims at eradication extreme poverty conditions in the area. Iris is now looking forward to having the bakery work in Biribiriet village, in order to get close to the community she is supporting.  Apart from the bakery, Iris is a farmer, she plants maize/corn and beans. The farming also creates employment to the local community.  Pictured below are two women who work for Iris on her farm. These ladies, are also looking forward to starting small scale businesses with the Pay It Forward model. 

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