Monday, August 4, 2014

Katanga Lumbumbashi DRC

Lubumbashi is the mining capital of DR Congo. It is a hub for many of the country’s biggest mining companies.  DRC produces more than 3 percent of the world’s copper and half its cobalt, most of which comes from Katanga.

The Second Congo War, that ended in April 2003, was responsible for the death of approximately 3 million people. Now, 11 years later, there is still instability, poverty and unemployment in Katanga.  Community Builders Network and Anhart Foundation are forging a way to help the people who are living in extreme poverty in Katanga .

Last week,  Grace  and Ibrahim, accompanied by their father Jean, distributed funds to a group of ladies living in extreme poverty to start up small scale businesses. These funds were sent to them by Community Builders and Anhart Foundation.

One of the ladies who received the funds is known as Gloire Ndaya, she has been raised by her grandmother because her parents divorced long ago.  Now that she has received PiF funds, she has decided to start buying and selling of charcoal in order to support herself.

Below are some of the pictures showing the ladies receiving the funds. A total of eight women received funds to start small scale businesses. 

Jean Ilunga distributing funds.

The ladies showing the funds they have just received.

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