Friday, September 12, 2014

Bukoba Kagera Tanzania

Bukoba Kagera region is situated on the shore of Lake Victoria in the northwestern corner of Tanzania.  The main economic activities in Kagera are agriculture (coffee is the main cash crop and banana plants are the main food product),  fishery and trading, especially in urban centers.

In the past, Kagera has been affected immensely with HIV/AID since the first case that was reported in Tanzania in 1983.   Kagera was badly affected; most of the emerging generation of the middle age died.  

Willson is one of the PiF leaders who lives in Bukoba Kagera. He is working on helping start self sustainable projects for the people of Kagera.  Community Builders and Anhart foundation are looking for ways to help him reach this goal. In addition to a small PiF grant sent to him by Community Builders, Jackson Naiman, another PiF recipient, has also been paying forward to Willson. As a result, Willson has started a small poultry project. Willson is an entrepreneur, he operates a bodaboda (motorcycle as a taxi). He also plants pine trees that will be ready in 15 years.  He is also a coffee farmer.

The pictures show Willson's poultry project and his boda boda taxi.

Very soon Willson will start the process of having a CBO registered in Kagera.  With the CBO, he will be able to help eradicated extreme poverty in the area.

Below are pictures showing one of the person Willson has given forward to by the names of Fradnus Myasha who has started a small eatery.

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