Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mbeya, Italalazia, TANZANIA

Mbeya is located in southwest Tanzania. Mbeya has weather with enough rainfall and fertile soil to enable it to be the largest producer of maize, rice, bananas, beans, potatoes, soya nuts and wheat in relation to other areas of Tanzania. There is also extensive animal husbandry.  Mbeya is also surrounded by a number of villages, Ilembo, Pashungu, Italazia, Masoko, Shola, Izuo and Igale. These villages are characterized by extreme poverty conditions.

Alfred Rogers, one of our PiF leaders in Tanzania, is based in Italazia village. This is a very remote village and the poverty conditions are extreme.  However, over the years, Community Builders Network has helped Alfred start various PiF projects that are helping eradicate extreme poverty within Italazia village .

Among these projects are piggery, dairy farming, fishery, pharmacy kiosk, small scale businesses such as selling of vegetables, and animal feeds. Recently, the women of the village have started small scale businesses by using the Pay It Forward model that Alfred Rogers introduced in Italazia. Here are some pictures showing the progress in Italazia.

Women selling vegetables at the market place.

Zero grazing by Alfred Rogers.

This is the manual way of preparing land in Italazia. No use of oxen or tractors due to the poverty situation.

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