Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CNI Maize Farm

CNI has just finished harvesting their maize. Early January this year, Bertha traveled to the CNI land in Rukwa district to prepare the land for planting. Bertha has done a phenomenal job. The pictures below shows the stages of the maize up until harvesting and storage.
The use of oxen in preparing of the CNI land.

Bertha overseeing the planting of the maize seedlings.

The maize growing just after weeding.
At this stage the maize is ready enough to be boiled and roasted as food.
This is the stage at which the maize is now dry enough to be cut down.
Maize ready to be grinned.
Transportation of the maize to a place where the grinding will be done.
Grinding of maize underway.
Parking of the maize into bags.
Bertha now overseeing the transportation of the sacks of maize to the stores.

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