Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kahungu and Mumosho Grinding mills Project

Kahungu and Mumosho are remote villages in DR Congo where residents live in conditions of extreme poverty.  In the past, the women in these villages had to walk long distances to access a grinding mill, where grains like maize, wheat, millet, dried arrowroot, cassava, etc., are turned into flour.  The flour is then used in the daily preparation of food. To access these mills, the women were required to walk an entire day's journey to and from these locations. If a person were unable to make the trip, they would be forced to grind grains the manual way, with a motor and pestle. This is a very strenuous and a long process. 

The villagers addressed this need in one of the meetings held by CoBI (PiF's local partner organization). With the support of Anhart Foundation, CoBI bought grinding mills and had them installed in the villages of Kahungu and Mumosho. The people of these villages now have their own grinding mills, enabling them to, not only save time, but to stimulate local business.

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